Useful Tips For Boen Flooring London

Choosing the right hardwood floor can be difficult. There are thousands of different hardwood floors to choose from available from a dizzying array of suppliers. The same hardware store might offer 10 or 20 different brands, each with many options of their own. There are a wide range of price points, materials, and overall quality among the various offerings. Even beginning to consider all of this can be a very daunting task. This article will outline three very good brand choices to considering when choosing good hardwood flooring, all available in London. BOEN, a quality supplier of hardwood flooring, has a long history of good, loyal, hard working employees. This continuity of employment speaks for a higher quality product, produced by people who really care about what they are doing. BOEN's commitment to quality dates back all the way to the 17th century, as early as 1641. BOEN started with just two saw mills in operation at the BOEN waterfall in south Norway. With its roots in Norway, BOEN and its very skilled employees oversee a proud tradition of raw material with great efficiency and diligence. BOEN doesn't just produce hardwood floors. BOEN produces the lumber from scratch, and then from this lumber crafts each piece of flooring with an astounding attention to detail. Kahrs is a global supplier of hardwood flooring with firm roots in Sweeden. A leading producer of wood floors in Europe, Kahrs has been in business for more than 150 years. Kahrs has a long history of introducing innovative, ground breaking technologies in the wood flooring industry. Kahrs floors can be found in everything from the office, to the home, to the home office. Their floors can be found in shops, hotels, concert halls, theaters, and sports arenas. Kahrs floors can be found in just about every country worldwide, from the United States to China. Although Kahrs is wide spread and highly innovative, they still staff their original office and production plant in the small town of Nybro, a nod to their herritage and commitment to continually provide an original and quality product. For those looking for a more wear resistant alternative, balterio laminates London may be a wise choice. The high quality HDF core boards produced by balterio are impact resistant, cigarette proof, slip resistant, scratch resistant, stain resistant, and much, much more. This high quality laminate flooring will resist scratches from office chair wheels. If a cigarette is accidentally dropped onto a balterio laminate floor will not leave a mark after a few seconds as this would with other flooring. balterio laminates provide 45% better slip resistance than the competition, as result of extensive research and engineering. It possesses superior dimensional stability qualities. Overall, the laminate option may be a better choice for many, with balterio an excellent choice for quality laminates. Whether choosing hardwood or laminate, these are a few of the very good choices of hardwood flooring and laminates available in London. While BOEN offers a classic product with great attention to detail, Kahrs offers great innovation and widespread adoption. For an alternative to the classic hardwood floor, balterio offers high quality laminate options.